26 April, Izumi Sunohara

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Until That Day Comes

When Takeru Kamishiro got home, he headed straight for the bath. The usual greeting from his love and three dogs was missing. He sealed the clothes he took off in a plastic bag and showered, washing from head to toe.
  You’re back. From outside the bathroom came the voice of his one and only partner, Miharu Kakei. Dinner’s ready, he said. Today’s your favorite—ginger pork.
  Everything had changed. The ER at Seiseikai Central Hospital was fighting the virus on the forward-most line. They ran out of protective equipment almost immediately, so the doctors basically left their fate to the heavens and worked on, wary of contagion.
  Oh, sounds good. Drying his hair, Kamishiro arrived in the living room, and their three shiba inu came to see him. I’m home. After petting each of the cute dogs in turn, he wiped his hands with the wet cloth Kakei offered and picked up his chopsticks. . . . Yum, tender and tasty.
  He must have seasoned it extra because he knew Kamishiro was tired. Despite being a nurse at the same hospital and surely being exhausted himself, Kakei kept the house tidy as usual and welcomed Kamishiro home so he could relax.
  . . . We’re nearly out of rubbing alcohol, so as of yesterday, we switched to industrial for everything that isn’t for patients directly.
  How long. . . is this going to go on? murmured Kakei.
  Yeah. . . .
  The pair continued eating in silence. They had to eat or their strength wouldn’t hold out. They had to sleep or their strength wouldn’t hold out. They had to do whatever they could to hang in there.
  Oh, right. . . . Kakei said abruptly once they had finished eating. Fujieda gave me something I think you’ll like. I’ll be right back.
  When Kakei emerged from the kitchen a few minutes later, he was carrying matching mugs.
  It’s so sweet. . . .
  As they quietly sipped their chocolate sitting face to face, its sweetness soaked into their tired bodies.
  He called it













. . . .
  With that prayer in their minds, the two savored their chocolat chaud bit by bit.

Translated by Emily Balistrieri/Arranged by TranNet KK

Izumi Sunohara
Born in Niigata Prefecture. A Gemini, with A blood-type. Works in the medical industry while writing BL novels.




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